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Ki Mobility Manual Wheelchairs

Ki mobility is a company that focuses on continually building better products. A goal they reach by focusing on innovation, building relationships in the community, and continuing to search for the perfect fit between agility, maneuverability and strength. A company that is truly formed around the consumer and creating a product that fits the needs of the comunity above all else. 

Values and products such as what is found at Ki Mobility are what we at Team Adaptive look for in a manufacturer and a brand we endorse. We are proud to have added Ki Mobility to our product line, and enjoy seeing the positive impact they have on our customers. For more information on Ki Mobility please stop in today or call to speak with one of our knowledgeable mobility consultants. 

Ki Mobility Catalyst 5

Unmatched Performance Ki Mobility's flagship product, the Catalyst 5 has since redefined the ultra-lightweight folding market by raising the bar in weight, performance, durability and functionality. Weighing in at 23lbs and constructed from ultra-lightweight 7000 series aluminum, the Catalyst...

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Ki Mobility Catalyst 5Vx

Reimbursement Friendly. Reimbursement for center of gravity (CG) can get complicated. The Catalyst 5Vx makes it a little easier. The VX has the performance you have come to expect from a Catalyst, with a little bit less adjustment of the axle plate and few less options. The Catalyst 5Vx is coded ...

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Ki Mobility Catalyst 5 Ti

Unmatched performance in a high strength low weight titanium package. Weighing in at 21lbs the Catalyst 5 Ti is not only incredibly lightweight but the patented frame design provides a ride so incredibly responsive it is sure to not disappoint. No other folding titanium wheelchair offers the comb...

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Ki Mobility Catalyst 4 & 4C

Easy to transport, easy to push. The Catalyst 4 & 4C are the lightest most durable and energy efficient K0004 folders on the market today. The Catalyst Difference Catalyst 4 & 4C both take advantage of all of the "Catalyst Difference" design features to allow you to fit, adjust...

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Ki Mobilty Rogue

Resist conformity. Go Rogue. The Rogue experience introduces you to state-of-the-art design innovation that lends itself to the highest level of responsiveness and rigidity than has ever been felt before. You will be riveted by the level of responsiveness and precision handling felt with every tu...

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Ki Mobility Tsunami ALX

Your best option in low cost ultra-light rigid frame wheelchairs. Tsunami ALX is a sleek look, a light frame, a stiffer, more responsive ride all at an incredible price. Tsunami ALX's lightweight construction takes a back seat to no one with an 11.2 lb. transport weight and a 20% stiffer and ...

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Ki Mobility Focus CR

Complex Rotation The Focus CR is our patent pending execution of the Science of Complex Rotation. Complex Rotation is a system that utilizes two control paths with two different centers of rotation to minimize the problems that result from the inevitable misalignment between the center of gravity...

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Ki Mobility Rogue XP

GROWTH WITH AN EDGE.ROGUE XP. Rogue XP is the ultimate performance chair; encouraging you to embrace your personal style at the age when you care the most. It gives you the necessary built-in growth; no need to compromise fit, function, ride or style. Focus your effort on pushing your limits.....

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Ki Mobility Little Wave Flip

Put a flip to your fold The Little Wave Flip integrates design elements from strollers into the durability of a wheelchair. Just because it is a wheelchair, does not mean it needs to look like one. From its flat folding design to its use of TAPER LOK technology, the Flip is simply the most advanc...

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Ki Mobility Little Wave Clik

Ease of Adjustment Introducing the Index System.  An intuitive adjustment system designed to provide accurate, easy growth options.  A system so easy to adjust it promotes proper positioning and wheel access so your child gains the active independence and mobility they want.  You w...

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Ki Mobility Little Wave XP

Imagine... A wheelchair that has the ability to move easily within its environment; where the wheels are in the perfect spot so that young people can use all of their strength and leverage to their advantage. Imagine...a wheelchair that has the ability to change and grow long with the person who ...

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Ki Mobility Spark

A unique pediatric wheelchair Spark is designed to be used with virtually any clinically prescribed seating system. Form Adds Function The unique contour of the Spark's backrest increases the useable depth of the seating system by allowing the seat to move underneath the back by an extra 2&q...

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