Get Seated Safely and Easily with BraunAbility’s New Turny® Evo vehicle seat.

BraunAbility launches the Turny Evo, a rotating seat lift that moves the car seat entirely outside the vehicle, lowering it down to the desired level, and making it easier to sit down or transfer from a wheelchair. When situated, just push a button on the easy-to-use hand control or Autoadapt Remote app on your smartphone, and the Turny Evo will lift you inside the car. It is a very simple, yet efficient method to make your vehicle more accessible.

The Turny Evo isn’t just a solution for wheelchair users or those diagnosed with a disability, it is an ideal alternative for anyone with limited mobility. The Turny Evo is the most revolutionary seat lift available in today’s market. It has distinctive features that make it capable to utilize in vehicle models where other seat lifts won’t work. It is designed to fit vehicles including minivans, full-size vans, pickup trucks, and most SUVs. Depending on the vehicle, it can be installed in the passenger, driver, or mid-row seat positions, and it won’t change the seating capacity of the vehicle. Moreover, it can be reinstalled in another applicable vehicle.

A posture vest and a positioning belt are included for ease of use. Options include a heated seat, armrests and a built-in footrest to assist with balance and transfer. A manual backup system is also included to ensure full functionality of the Turny Evo in the event of a complete power failure in the vehicle.

BraunAbility is the most trusted brand in mobility. BraunAbility quality and reliability are recognized as the standards in automotive mobility, and with their nationwide dealer network, you will have the piece of mind of knowing your seat can be serviced anywhere you go. 

In contrast to lowered floor minivan solutions and most other wheelchair accessible vehicles, a seat lift allows you to choose from multiple vehicle brands and models. However, regardless of how well a vehicle fits with the Turny Evo, the combination has to be compatible with you. To determine what combination will match your needs and preferences, call the mobility experts at Team Adaptive for a free consultation, or stop into one of our four convenient Florida, Alabama, or Mississippi Locations today. 

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